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Chinese Architecture

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest (Qiniandian)

Also known as Hall of Prayer for Grain, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest was where the the Ming and Qing emperors held ceremonies for good harvests in the first month of spring. It is the core structure of the Temple of Heaven and a landmark from Beiji

Jiaxiu Pavilion

The Jiaxiu Pavilion, quite similar to the giant'ao' (sea turtle), is on the Nanming River, in Guiyang. This traditional Chinese-style structure was built in 1597, during the Ming Dynasty, and is connected to the banks on both sides of the river by the F

Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Du Fu Thatched Cottage is the former residence of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu adjacent to the Blossom-Bathing Brook (also called Huanhua Brook) in Chengdu, where the poet sage lived for almost 4 years and wrote over 240 poems.