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French art exhibition reopens to public in Shanghai

Xinhua | 30 Mar 2020

SHANGHAI, March 21 (Xinhua) -- An art exhibition jointly launched by the Centre Pompidou of France and a Shanghai-based company reopened Friday in Shanghai after being suspended due to novel coronavirus outbreak for almost two months.

"The Shape of Time" exhibition, which is composed of 11 sections, displays more than 100 works from Centre Pompidou including those of Pablo Picasso and Robert Delaunay.

All visitors need to make a reservation via the Art West Bund online platform, with a maximum of 500 people allowed to visit every day.

Launched in November 2019, the exhibition that had been scheduled to last until May 2021 was suspended from Jan. 24.

In early 2018, Shanghai's West Bund Group initiated a five-year exhibition project together with Centre Pompidou starting from 2019. It includes Centre Pompidou art exhibitions at the West Bund Museum.